Student Evaluations

Classroom Leadership

Dan is all around great. He holds us to high expectations because he knows we can achieve more. I really felt like I learned a lot in this class and stretched my brain a little further. Class discussions were helpful and all of the lectures gave me something I didn’t know before. I learned so many cool things in this class that I think will set me up for success in medical school. (Writing for the Health and Human Sciences, Spring 2016)

I liked the fact that in almost all of the instructor’s lectures he tried to ask many questions and get the class involved. I also liked that he was open to everyone’s questions and answered them thoroughly. (Introductory Composition, Fall 2011)

Daniel was very proactive at identifying class problems and very dedicated to solving them. (Business Writing, Summer 2014)

Kenzie was a great instructor, full of energy and made my class exciting. It was my favorite class of the semester! (Introductory Composition, Fall 2012)

Continue valuing everyone’s opinion. I really felt like anyone could say what they wanted to say and not feel as though they were being judged, which was great. (Introductory Composition, Fall 2013)

Very friendly, always willing to answer questions or help in any way. Does his best to keep class interesting. Class tends to feel more like a workshop than a lecture, which is nice. (Business Writing, Summer 2014)

Dan is really a great instructor. Everything he addressed in class was extremely relevant and nothing felt overly monotonous or redundant. I thought he brought a great energy to the class and it is clear to see that he is really excited and passionate about teaching this material. I felt very comfortable approaching him or contacting him with any questions I had. He was always very responsive and went above in beyond in ensuring all assignments and materials were clear. I really appreciated his feedback and I felt like he genuinely cared about each one of us as students. (Writing for the Health and Human Sciences, Spring 2016)


Something I really found helpful was how accessible he was throughout the year. Whenever I went to his office hours, he would spend as much time answering my questions as I needed, even after we ran over his specified office hour times. This really helped me throughout the year whenever I had questions or doubts about something. (Introductory Composition, Fall 2013)

Interesting and helpful instructor. Listens to questions and responds well. Easy to contact. (Technical Writing, Summer 2016)

My professor is very approachable and helpful. He’s willing to spend extra time to talk to you and explain things if you are unclear about a topic or question. (Introductory Composition, Fall 2013)

He is always willing to answer questions and stay after. He does not turn down any ideas, but attempts to curve them towards a better fitting form. He cares. (Business Writing, Spring 2015)

The professor does a good job meeting with students and helping them one on one. I found this to be most helpful. He also did a good job creating discussions in class. (Introductory Composition, Fall 2013)

He is extremely open and has been very understanding of any difficulties I’ve had. Caring individual, good TA. (Introductory Composition, Fall 2013)

The instructor is always open for questions and discussions. I like how he gave us multiple examples to guide us through assignments. (Writing for the Health and Human Sciences, Spring 2016)

Written and Oral Feedback

Give positive and negative feedback. He makes the negative feedback not even feel negative, which doesn’t put you down and made me more confident in my writing abilities. (Introductory Composition, Fall 2013)

His feedback on my papers was outstanding and really helped me in the revision process which is a skill that I really struggled with in high school. (Introductory Composition)

I like how he genuinely takes the time to give helpful feedback and ensures that the feedback is detailed enough. (Technical Writing, Summer 2016)

Professor Kenzie is great at encouraging engaging discussions, giving feedback both in and out of class, and giving quick responses to questions. (Writing for the Health and Human Sciences, Spring 2016)

When I have a question he gives me more than one solution that I can choose from when I had nothing to start off with. (Introductory Composition, Fall 2012)

Encourage students. He does not usually just flat out tell students that they are wrong, instead he points out flaws and always gives us examples or idea for how to improve or fix the mistake. (Introductory Composition, Fall 2013)


Professor Kenzie does a great job putting enthusiasm behind his teaching, I think everyone will be positively affected by his high energy. (Writing for the Health and Human Sciences, Spring 2016)

Great teacher. He demonstrates an enthusiasm for teaching and respect for all students and their comments. (Writing for the Health and Human Sciences, Spring 2016)

Dan brings a lot of enthusiasm to the class and he respects everyone in the class by addressing accessibility issues. He cares a lot about making the class useful for everyone. He allows us to tailor our assignments to our specific experiences and makes the class enjoyable. (Writing for the Health and Human Sciences, Spring 2016)

It is clear that Dan is very enthusiastic about this class and it definitely helped as we went along. He was always willing to help out and provide guidance if I was unsure of which direction to take various assignments. I also liked the large variety of projects we did. I feel like I’m walking away from the class with a well-rounded understanding of writing in the healthcare setting for myself, patients, and other health care professionals. I took this course as an elective, as suggested by my advisor, and it turned out to be one of my favorite classes of the semester. (Writing for the Health and Human Sciences, Spring 2016)

Relevance of Course Material to Careers

I really enjoyed the class and all the projects were very relevant to the career I would like to go into. It was a good experience to gain exposure into the writing side of healthcare. (Writing for the Health and Human Sciences, Spring 2016)

Mr. Kenzie always welcomed questions and gave helpful feedback. He went above and beyond to relate our future careers to our current work by discussing how each project relates to different fields as well as allowing us to choose a topic (within the context of the project) that related to our future careers. (Technical Writing, Summer 2016)

I think the instructor does well in terms of having most of the assignments be flexible and relevant to multiple areas within the health field. (Writing for the Health and Human Sciences, Spring 2016)

I think that the instructor tailors the learning material to our future professions which is extremely helpful. Instead of just having us sit down and write paper after paper he actually comes up with useful assignments and projects. He also explains expectations very clear, and doesn’t surprise the students with anything. He is willing to help and give advice whenever. (Writing for the Health and Human Sciences, Spring 2016)

Professor Kenzie did a great job of allowing each student to tailor their major to the subject of each project. The skills that I learned in this class were things I used throughout the semester in all of my classes. The amount of examples available for each project also made it very easy to understand the objective of each project and help me to get started. I really enjoyed this class and hope that Professor Kenzie continues to remain in this teaching position. (Writing for the Health and Human Sciences, Fall 2015)

I like how everything directly relates to things that I will be doing in the future. It made the effort I put in feel worth while. (Writing for the Health and Human Sciences, Fall 2015)

This course has really allowed me to see what I may be a part of down the road. It has exposed me to realistic document writing and has allowed me to practice professionalism in the workplace. I’ve enjoyed the projects, especially the patient education project as I could tie in what I’ve learned throughout the semester such as design and audience. When I reflect on the projects, I highly recommend continuing the peer reviewing. It allows for a time to exchange ideas and grow from your work and work with others. This course has exposed me to new areas where many of my core sciences have never touched on. I believe this is a beneficial course for those going into patient care as many of our requirements don’t cover this area of communication with patients. (Writing for the Health and Human Sciences, Fall 2015)

Clear Communication

Everything is organized and there was never any confusion on what was supposed to be done. (Business Writing, Spring 2015)

He is very articulate and clear in his lectures. He does a good job relating class materials to the current assignments. (Writing for the Health and Human Sciences, Spring 2016)

Mentoring Composition Instructors

Dan Kenzie is very approachable; I felt comfortable asking him for help and advice when necessary and valued his opinion. I constantly felt that I was being treated as an equal and that he cared about my progression as a 106 instructor – which is a boost for anyone who is interacting with new teaching materials and environments. (Teaching First-Year Composition, Fall 2014)

Dan has helped me at every turn this semester. Any time I needed a little extra support on a topic, he took time to provide me samples and examples as well as to open it up for discussion in class. (Teaching First-Year Composition, Fall 2014)

I thought the readings were really great, and the discussion was facilitated well. The instructor was also very willing to look at revised teaching materials and offer suggestions. (Teaching First-Year Composition, Fall 2014)

There is a very welcoming environment in the classroom where everyone is encouraged to share issues they are currently facing and others are encouraged to offer advice. Overall the atmosphere is very helpful. (Teaching First-Year Composition, Fall 2014)

I think the unit presentations were the most helpful. They helped me understand why each unit 106 would be taught and the lesson plans and activities were very helpful. (Teaching First-Year Composition, Fall 2014)

Application of Programmatic Standards

Dan puts a lot of thought into what he is articulating before and while he is saying it. After reviewing the ICAP goals in the Introductory Composition book for Purdue, Composing Yourself, Dan has done a fantastic job implementing and teaching these goals throughout the semester. He has included primary and secondary research; thoroughly incorporated the writing process; stressed importance of purpose, audience, context, structure, coherence, and credibility; talked about adaptability of writing for multiple purposes; and touched upon using technology to relay information. (Introductory Composition, Fall 2013)