Teaching Materials

Graduate Courses

Teaching First-Year Composition I and II (Purdue University, 2 sections)

A two-semester practicum for new graduate instructors in composition. This particular group included eight graduate students in literature, creative writing, linguistics, and theory and cultural studies. In the first semester, mentees discussed readings in composition theory, developed course materials, delivered mock lessons, learned best practices, and observed their fellow instructors. In the second semester, they developed original assignments, reviewed textbooks, created teaching philosophies and digital portfolios, and researched local issues related to teaching, as the focus shifted toward preparation for future teaching and professionalization.

ENGL 505A Syllabus

Professional Writing

Writing for the Health and Human Sciences (Purdue University, 3 sections)

Photo credit: nursingschoolsnearme.com
Photo credit: nursingschoolsnearme.com

An upper-level writing course for students in a variety of healthcare fields with an emphasis on adapting technical information for lay and specialist audiences and ethical, social, and legal dimensions of health communication. Fall sections also participated in the Cancer, Culture, & Community symposium. Projects have included patient education materials, case notes, a research poster, a protocol makeover, a referral letter, and an in-service.

ENGL 42201 Syllabus

Patient Education: Assignment, Student ExampleStudent Research Poster Example (Winner of Health and Human Sciences Award at Purdue Writing Showcase 2016)

Referral Letter: Assignment, Student Example

Technical Writing (Purdue University, 1 section)

Technical schematic of a power supply
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An upper-level writing course focused on user-centered design that included majors in engineering, professional writing, and technology fields. Projects included usability research, technical instructions, and employment documents. Taught in a condensed summer term.

ENGL 421 Syllabus

Usability Report: Assignment, Student Report Example, Student Presentation Example

Business Writing (Purdue University, 2 sections)

A calculator and a pair of glasses are partially visible on top of papers with charts of numbers.
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An upper-level writing course for students in management and other business fields. Assignments included white papers on branding and social media, a marketing proposal and presentation, and employment documents.

ENGL 420 Syllabus

Backgrounder: Assignment & Calendar

Tutor Practicum in Professional Writing (Purdue University, 1 section)

One young woman sits at a computer with a paper on the screen while another young woman points at the screen
Photo credit: Eastern Arizona College

A practicum for prospective Writing Lab tutors specializing in professional writing, including instruction in writing center theory and practice and professional writing genres. This course included traditional class meetings, online discussion, and weekly work in the Writing Lab, including shadowing and mock and team tutorials. I overhauled the curriculum to incorporate current writing center theory and enhance attention to race, disability, and diversity. I also had student propose projects they followed up on as tutors, such as researching resumes in the disciplines and building resources on tutoring professional genres.

ENGL 390B Syllabus

First-Year Writing

Introductory Composition (Purdue University, 4 sections)

Three two-sided arrows form a triangle, with the words "Purpose," "Author," and "Audience" at the three corners and "Message" in the middle.
Photo credit: Ted Major

An introductory composition course emphasizing rhetorical knowledge, critical thinking and reading, writing process, and technologies for writing. I taught this course using two different “syllabus approaches.” The Writing about Writing curriculum connected students’ existing literacies to disciplinary and community literacies through a literacy narrative, an audio essay (infographic in Fall 2014), a discourse community mini-ethnography, an academic article analysis, and a digital portfolio. The UR@ curriculum had students locate themselves within cultural networks and a shifting media landscape through visual analysis, an editorial, a research paper, and an advertisement.

ENGL 106 Syllabus

Literacy Narrative: Assignment & Calendar

Infographic: Assignment & Calendar

Introductory Composition in Learning Communities (2 sections)

A close-up view of plant cells from a microscope
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Special sections of introductory composition, one with a “Discoveries in Biology” theme, and the other with a “Global Business” theme. These sections were linked with courses in students’ majors and included disciplinary content as well as out-of-class events and trips. Disciplinary assignments included analysis of a science accommodation (Discoveries in Biology), resumes in multiple media, a worksite study, and a literature review of an issue in global business (Global Business).

Analysis of Science Accommodation: Assignment, Student Example

The Writing Process (Western Michigan University, 4 sections)

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Photo credit: Rachel Johnson

A basic writing course that incorporated whole group meetings, weekly individual instructor meetings, and weekly small group sessions with writing center tutors. Its place-based curriculum connected students to the university and local community through assignments such as rhetorical analysis, a flyer revision, a mini-ethnography, an I-Search paper, a feature article, and a multigenre project.

ENGL 1000 Syllabus